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We are pleased to announce the launch of our carbide cutting tool sales.

Tools will be manufactured for you in China using the technology of our European technological partner.

Together, we are implementing a project in Russia to establish a full-cycle production of various modifications of carbide cutting tools for metalworking, including multi-edge inserts for milling and turning operations.

We are ready to assist you in selecting and supplying the appropriate tools and provide services for the implementation of the new tools on your machines.

Until the full-cycle production is operational, you can place orders from our catalog.

We look forward to serving your needs with our high-quality carbide cutting tools and grateful to everyone who supports and trusts in our project 

progress report
VAKTEC PRO innovations


Quality Innovations

The new plant will be dedicated

to manufacturing various modifications

of carbide cutting tools.

New plant construction project has received support from the Ministry of Industry

and Trade of Russian Federation and was described as both “of high importance” and “absolute necessity” to the development

of Russian industry.

The technology is patented in 50 countries. This technology enables production

of a universal cutting tool, capable of processing a wide range of alloys with one cutting plate in various cutting conditions.

With our technology, there is no longer

a need to change the cutting tool with every change of material or cutting conditions.

Today, Russia imports 90% of the carbide tool, which translated to an estimate of 60 billion rubles worth.  Since 2002, the volume

of imports of tools in Russia has multiplied

by 25 times. The market is dominated by the international giants of industry. 
According to the ISTMA * Association, Russia is only the 20th in the list of largest manufacturers of metal cutting tools with its export volume of only 1% in the world market. At the same time, Russia is one of the largest importers of the instrument taking 4th place and making up 7% of the world market. 
The need for creating a competitive tool base for machine tool manufacturers in Russia is clearly apparent. One of the main goals of Russian domestic industry is to reduce its dependence on imported tolls from 90% to 40% by year 2025. Our project will contribute to this goal by dropping Russia’s dependence on machine tools imports to 75% by 2021. 

The implementation of this project will bring a significant multiplier effect for both domestic industry and Russian economy. In his opinion on the project, the General Director of JSC VNIIINSTRUMENT, G.V. Borovsky, noted. That "... the plant of JSC’VAKTEK’ will become the launching pad for the implementation of comprehensive R&D stream dedicated to the production of new patent-protected grades of hard alloys, NSR sizes, wear-resistant coatings, prefabricated cutter designs and other types of tools. VNIIINSTRUMENT JSC supports the immediate need to implement this science-driven and high-tech project.”

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